The Floating Corner • Catalina Africa

Sep 11 to Oct 5, 2013 • Upstairs Gallery

Young artist Catalina Africa unveils new painting-based installation works, transforming Finale’s Upstairs Gallery into a simulated environment of the sensual. Africa displays her paintings not as objects separated from the gallery space. Instead, she combines these with other images and interruptions of the gallery’s white, modular space: crayon markings and photographs, tents and plywood cutouts that draw out parallels between abstract painting and the forms of everyday life.

This process of reconstituting visual experiences and memories creates a new physical environment within the gallery itself, conjuring the aesthetics of play and the randomness of the outdoor world. Africa writes of how the images allude to different memories and both visual and aural impressions, finding wonder in fleeting, transient worlds: the circuitry of daily life and the imprints of grass and sky, sun and sea. She writes:

Gardening at night, moonlit board games, a gloved hand, repairing the cracks in a kids drawing until it becomes something else entirely, palm trees on windy days, the sun reflecting on various bodies of water at different times of the day, the view from a bedroom window, living with animals, the color green, a painting with intersections, circuitry of daily life, sheer waterfalls, gates that are also spaces, navigating a mystery, a secret map, a cave of secrets, force field farming, the sound that an island makes (jazzy), the texture of elephants, the relationship between the grass and my painting, an arrow that points both ways.

Africa graduated from the University of the Philippines College of Fine Arts (UP CFA) in 2012. This is her fifth solo exhibition to date.