The Rainbow Magic Sparkle • Jeona Zoleta

Jul 3 to Jul 29, 2013 • Upstairs Gallery

Jeona’s new works capture the effect of bubblegum euphoria, incessantly chewing sweet joyful flavor that mirrors the sensual lapse into pure innocence, of an exhilaration freeing the locks of false moral meanings and other mannered gesture. The exhibit is an excellent buffet of tastes reminiscent of the zeitgeist in the eighties, a dazzling array of synth-pop style and gender politics. Buzzing with bright electric colors of hot pink and neon green equally saturated with moody purple and blue, these chromatic combinations work successfully with the graphic quality of the images to bring a pop sensation and a striking nostalgia for lost pleasure. Hence, the works break the hierarchy of narrative into various sub-plots and character intros, all bifurcating and twisting towards a collision of contexts, a clash of cultures, collapsed time, media memories, which feature “skyclad” maidens in their ritual nudity as beasts gander about, or a teenage witch cradling her cat as they fly by on a broomstick. In another painting, a gremlin monster that replicates once it gets wet (a sly commentary on reproduction, both technological and biological) terrorizes a girl in her bubble bath, who is ensconced within her own “Cave of Wonders” brimming with monitors – an immense bank of image and information that has gold-like value, the g-spot of our contemporary culture. Jeona’s protagonists are part Lolita and Juliette, or Vice Amply Rewarded. In some cases, they are like Barbie unleashed, which echoes Jeona’s fondness for the saying “a diamond in the rough”, wherein a person has hidden potential waiting to be realized, thus echoing the feminist mantra to struggle against all odds.