Thunder Bolt Pagoda or for Those in Search of the Miraculous / A Poem of Fire • Wire Tuazon

Nov 4 to Nov 26, 2011 • Upstairs Gallery and Video Room

Avant-garde Filipino artist Wire Tuazon presents two separate installation shows, titled Thunder Bolt Pagoda or for Those in Search of the Miraculous and A Poem of Fire, at Finale Art File this month.
They will be on view from November 4 to 26, 2011 at Finale’s Upstairs Gallery and Video Room, respectively.

Featured in the Upstairs Gallery is the show Thunder Bolt Pagoda or for Those in Search of the Miraculous is comprised of various wall-bound sculptural figures and sound installations. Cast in white Tuazon’s works contemplate on historical and ideological ironies; the central image of the boat narrating an ongoing voyage through the rough seas of history, politics, and power.

On view at the Video Room, A Poem of Fire features Tuazon’s video-installation utilizing the Philippine flag encased in a block of ice; its transient and evolving existence raising critical and apprehensive questions on the fate of the nation.

Separate yet connected, the shows interrogate the contradictions of the past and the search for redemption in this present day and time. The two exhibits further engage themes first explored by the artist in an earlier solo show at Finale last March 2011, where he used archival images of penal settlements during the early years under American colonization to examine concepts such as control, memory, and manufactured reality.

One of the country’s more respected and innovative contemporary artists, Tuazon’s body of work has encompassed painting, sculpture, installation, and performance. After graduating from the University of the Philippines College of Fine Arts, Tuazon became a founding member of pioneering art collectives such as the Surounded By Water in the 1990s and the Neo-Angono Artists Collective from 2004 onwards. He was recognized as a Thirteen Artists Awardee of the Cultural Center of the Philippines in 2003.

Tuazon’s exhibits will be running simultaneously with Bourgeois Dilemma, Thai visual artist Natee Utarit’s Manila debut show of new works in oil on linen, at Finale’s Tall Gallery this month. The three exhibits will be open to public view until the 26th of November, 2011.