Time Moving in All Directions • Catalina Africa

May 4 to May 28, 2018 • Upstairs Gallery

A backward facing painting looking at its own broken reflection
A double door portal, a doorway filled with light, the key to enter is a bone, a temple guards in sight
Shells chime a melody in sync with the creation of a universe, a hand reaching for a flame receding, a broken clock stuck in a web of time
A book of hours, a place where there are no words (only images and feelings), a manifesto written in sand
Surf lesson as the ultimate metaphor for life and art.

Finding myself with these recurring themes: consciousness, creation, growth, nature, the connectedness of all things, the infinite mysteries of the universe, time, meaning, truth, awareness, love.

Finding a space to negotiate my inner life, my feelings with the creative procedure. Challenging the medium by challenging myself to take new paths, to not repeat my past processes. Thinking about how our work changes as we grow as well. How can my artworks reflect the change / transformation within me? I think about freedom within the definition of what we call art. What does true creativity mean? What does being an artist mean today? How can I be free? (as an artist and as a human being who needs to make a living?)
Interesting that I have come back to this concept of freedom, sometimes the art world is full of clich├ęs and stereotypes and that what some people define as art is limited to what is hung on gallery walls. I want to have a practice that is closely connected to my everyday life. We do things because we enjoy them, because it makes us feel happy, free. I let my toddler draw on my paintings.

Time Moving in All Directions features Conversational Adornment by Tanya Villanueva

Views from the Gallery

gallery view
gallery view
gallery view
gallery view