Topophilia • Poklong Anading, Bespoke, Yason Banal, Louie Cordero, Katya Guerrero, Cocoy Lumbao, Paul Mondok, Martha Atienza, Jasper Niens, Paul Pfeiffer, MM Yu, Alvin Zafra, Gina Osterloh, Eamon Ore Giron

Apr 20 to May 8, 2012 • Tall Gallery

Topophilia: the sense of inhabiting a space, the spirit of a particular place. In this group exhibition of new installation pieces by Poklong Anading, Martha Atienza, Yason Banal, Louie Cordero, Katya Guerrero, Cocoy Lumbao, Paul Mondok, Jasper Niens, Eamon Ore-Giron, Gina Osterloh, Paul Pfeiffer, MM Yu and Alvin Zafra, the term takes on a new turn as each individual creates works that alter our sense of connection with the gallery space.

The works in Topophilia are single installations by each of the participating artists which, when jumbled together, create a strange suite of objects independent of yet related to each other. There is a deliberate disjunction in the mishmash of images, conjuring an alien territory filled with each artist’s distinct visual stamp. Something is familiar yet strangely amiss, as glass folding screens fashioned from canvas frames and nondescript rope knots, hanging limp from the ceiling, seem to say.

Topophilia dares the viewer to momentarily suspend disbelief and take in the illogic of the moment: larger-than life phallic reconstructions, fur-lined canes, water containers perched on a seesaw with sharp precision, and other objects populating a temporarily surreal space. The works range from the whimsically functional to the deliberately camp: from cutlery-inspired lamps and cranial stools to reindeer mounted on rainbows and a giant trapo (round rag). The exhibit leaves the final statement for the viewer to finish as a canvas curtain, printed with a pair of hands, beckons the eye to come closer and unveil what lies beyond.