Twisting My Melons • Clairelynn Uy

Feb 11 to Mar 5, 2021 • Tall Gallery

It’s often repeated that we, Filipinos, usually adapt to survive. For most of 2020, everyone had to figure out how to deal with all the disruptions and problems that the COVID crisis brought to the fore.

There was the ayuda, the jumanji, and the mañanita. With each passing month, it seems like situation here finds new ways to disarm us.

But I think there’s something very positive in that, despite all that happened, we look at all the things confusing us and find some way to make it funnier, into something we can enjoy and joke with each other.

The show is a storytelling of the different ways we’ve learned to channel our energies, of how we can find the comedic within the tragic, of how we route current events into a different dimension of ‘hah, anong nangyari?’.