Unbearable Lightness of Being • Wire Tuazon, Keiye Miranda, Leslie de Chavez, Christopher Zamora, Boyet De Mesa, Eric de Leon Zamuco, An Se-Eun, Hong Soun, Lee Ju-Eun, Song Young-Wook, Lee Seung-Ah

Feb 4 to Feb 24, 2014 • Tall Gallery

A group show of Filipino and Korean artists, co-curated by An Se-eun and Leslie de Chavez, encompasses a diverse selection of art forms ranging from paintings, drawings, objects, mixed media, installation, to performance art and new media. According to the curators, Unbearable Lightness of Being explores “the idea of measuring the weight of things that matter or do not matter to us,” the range of values that one produces in response to objects and beings one holds dear.