Uncontrolled: Artificiality • Atsuko Yamagata

Aug 3 to Aug 30, 2018 • Video Room

Atsuko Yamagata’s “Uncontrolled: Artificiality” draws from experimentations done with organic materials. Ink, water-based paints and water are fused with glue revealing in the process the innate malleability and constraint of the media. Allowing the assimilation to emerge, the hand of the artist turns into mere facilitator for the movement of the substances.

The mystery of shapes that are produced also seem to parallel microscopic organisms found in nature: web-like tendrils reaching out to irregularly shaped, overlapping ovals. This is paired with variations in opacity and transparency that play with the weight of the abstracted forms. Bleeding and overlapping into each other, the final image becomes secondary to following the shifts and fluctuations dictated by the chosen materials.

In contrast to the usual superimposition of the persona of the artist, the series admits the uncontrollability of materials and deliberately contradicts the artificiality produced by the artistic process. As though imitating nature itself, Yamagata embraces the freedom in creation, consenting for the medium to be itself. (IF)