Untitled • Nicole Coson

Aug 7 to Aug 30, 2014 • Upstairs Gallery

In this exhibition of monotype prints, Nicole Sy Coson explores the fine lines dividing representations of reality and the intangible flux of perceptions. Moving away from the precise outlines of classical portraiture, Coson’s series of “spirit captures” revolve around the act of visualising traces of what she likens to a “ghost, an enigma, or a loose and ever changing form that cannot be grasped yet it invades our tactile and physical world”.

Flux and motion are tangible presences in Coson’s images: suggesting movement and shifts of vision. Otherwise recognisable images are refracted and distorted, intentionally left unread and undeciphered. Leaving the viewer with a sense of unsettled nervousness, these alien beings are transient, fleeting presences, like birds caught in mid-flight or cloud formations that conjure various images. By drawing attention to the subjective process of seeing, Coson engages in small acts of introspection into the very nature of representation.