Untitled Pantone • MM Yu

Sep 11 to Sep 29, 2018 • Tall Gallery

MM Yu’s compulsive urge to document her surroundings is revisited with her drip paintings in Untitled Pantone. A registry of colors is set beside and layered on top of each other on canvases that inadvertently resemble the hues of the Manila landscape. Parallel to this is the manner of positioning the boards on levels, by size and shape, to insinuate abstracted structures. Such quiet mundanity is framed and exhibited, allowing attention to often forgotten and repetitive details of the city.

With no specific markers, the identity of the subject, on which parts of Manila are recorded, turns irrelevant. Recognition is not the intent, instead a more subdued and underlying familiarity is made to be incited. Through the manifestation of varying tones deliberately arranged by Yu, a new and nameless environment is recreated.

The focus in the works is in its materiality and process, as paint is allowed to be taken by gravity in its raw form. This comes in contrast to the usual and traditional control imposed by the wielder of the brush. What is achieved is a balance between an unencumbered exposure of paint as medium and the aesthetic resolve of the artist. (IF)