Used Paint • Monica Delgado

Mar 5 to Mar 28, 2015 • Upstairs Gallery

Monica Delgado’s third solo exhibition Used Paint explores the materiality and physicality of pigment as an object. Responding to minimalist painter Robert Ryman’s concept of defining paintings as used paint, she veers away from using paint on panels or canvas as a medium for realism and representation and plays with the plastic properties of paint as a medium, as an end to itself.

Ryman’s white-on-white paintings are also referenced in Delgado’s use of white and black paint, unadorned by any other pigments. Paint here becomes a sculptural and tactile presence. Dried in strips, paint is curled and layered, draped and wrapped, stacked and rolled—paint calls attention to its very presence as the subject and object of art-making.

Monica Delgado held her first solo exhibition at Finale back in 2002. She holds a degree in Fine Arts, cum laude, from the University of the Philippines in Diliman. She started exhibiting while in art school in 1998 and has participated in various group exhibitions in Houston, Texas since 2004. In 2014, she participated in the School of Visual Arts Summer Residency in Painting and Mixed Media in New York City.

—Lisa Ito