What’s My Name? • Taichi Kondo

Apr 6 to Apr 30, 2016 • Video Room

Taichi Kondo’s first one-man exhibition in the Philippines explores the idea of dualities as perceived by the senses and as part of imagining a new “provisional world”. Posing the question of identity to both self and the public, Kondo shows how diversity is produced through the merging and meeting of binary or dual forces: heaven and hell, creation and destruction, humanity and divinity, civilization and chaos, for instance. The paintings are rendered in a primitive style, underscoring the raw energy inherent in this process.

Of Japanese-Filipino descent, Kondo was born and raised in Japan. He has previously participated in group exhibitions at the Bikura Art Gallery and Saitama City Hall Gallery in Japan. He co-founded Art Lovers Incorporated, a company and art gallery, with artist Takuma Tanaka in Tokyo.

—Lisa Ito