Where Color Blooms from Grey • Kim Oliveros

Nov 13 to Dec 4, 2020 • Upstairs Gallery
Vanished into the darkness
The rustling sound that holds you closely.
Feel the meek of the air.
Is it affection or crushing you firmly?
Giving you cold sweat, the smell of moisture.
Concealment? As if they’re eloping.
Walking away from the bad patches.
The randomness of having no specific purpose.
Abandoning the beauty of it,
Can’t bear nature for making this truth so obvious.

It may seem misfortune, and make things difficult.
Still Luna’s providing you light. It isn’t enough though.

It’s not the absence of color
It is the lightness between white and black
Dull, lacking cheerfulness.
Those colors withdrew from her.

As if they surrendered.
Forgetting the ideas of claim.

Artworks from the Show