Where to Go from Here • Ranelle Dial

Apr 10 to Apr 29, 2013 • Upstairs Gallery

Ranelle Dial’s recent exhibit Where To Go From Here features a series of paintings of staircases she’s photographed in Liverpool, England. They are painted as fish eye views that distort the rigid angles of these staircases as though they are seen from convex security mirrors. Intended to disorient our usual view of staircases as geometric and directional, either going up or down, amplified further by the anonymity of where these staircases may lead its whereabouts that lie outside its painted frame leading instead to an imagined destination. Hence, Dials’s staircases lie at the conjunction of spatial and metaphorical points where connotative paths of their meaning are suspended in this juncture, just as paintings can suspend as well the realness of what it represents to convey something other than what is literally shown.

In another series, their images are fixed in violin rosin on glass plates, in a print process that directly reproduces images without duplicates, using a crystalline substance harvested from coniferous plants and employed as a traction for violin strings. In their variegated silver gray tones, they invoke a dozen memories of staircases, to where they lead to, it just merely trails to a state of being there, here and nowhere, or infinite uncertainty.